ENSIC presentation

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ENSIC presentation

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ENSIC is an engineering school specialized in industrial chemistery. But here we won't speak about the different classes of the formation. However you can find every information about it followong this link : http://ensic.univ-lorraine.fr/fr/les-formations/formations/les-formations-de-l-ensic

Location :

Sports :

  • ENSIC is a member of Lorraine University (UL). With the UL you can practice any sports you want joinin the SUAPS for 10€ a year. If you are intreseted you must visit the web site http://sport.univ-lorraine.fr/

  • Otherwise you can pratctise sports with ENSIC. We've got one team in all these sports : Basket, Rugby, Badminton, Volley, Swiming, Pom-Pom ...

Here is a calendar of all sport events.

Music :

  • ENSIC also get is own band named ENZIK. Everyone can join it. This band organaises several concerts a year principaly for ENSIC students even if everyone is welcome.

Other Clubs :
Ther is 10 different clubs in ENSIC : the ciné club, the cooking club, the video-games club, the theater club, the crativity club, the picture club, the enology club, the role-playing club, the board game club and the language club. Everyone can join them at any moment. There is also one beer club each month : all the ENSIC is gathered around a beer this is the perfect time to meet new people and even speak with some teachers.

Lunch Time :

  • During the lunch time you can eat at the ENSIC's bar. They sell some panninies, some ??? for a very good price and you can find there a micro-waves hoven to make your preparations warmer if you prefere to cook at home. The is also lots of bakeries in the neighborhood especially the famous one (for ENSIC students)"la boulangerie rouge" ("the red one"). Uselly evry one eat in the "foyer" and it is a great moment with your friends.

French Classes :

  • When they arrived forein students have to do a test in French and if they don't pass the B2 level they had to follow French class in order to help them in their studies.

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